Men who enjoy slamming with a syringe.

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Slamming on Cam Sites


So we’ve noticed that gay guys have the right idea, they have cam sites where they basically just watch each other slam meth all day. I think this idea is great, but what if youre not a gay guy? Why isnt something like this available for straight people or couples? Are we the only weirdos that find watching other people slam is hott?? And if slamming is a little too hard core for you, what about blowing clouds with a stranger over cam?

I’d love some feedback here. Thanks guys!


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    Let me know how you go as about to load up and the only ones to watch wil be the video survalance in my head after…….0...
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    camming is better than nothing i guess although i only spend party time with females so being happily married - i dont...
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    I like to smoke with others on cam. Always fun smoking with company.
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